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Divorce Mediation

Paul Trubey, LCSW

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Divorce Mediation Services are provided by Paul Trubey LCSW, Certified Divorce Mediator.

Contact Paul directly to discuss divorce mediation.

How Does Mediation Work?

 In mediation, both parties meet with one impartial mediator who helps them to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement based on their individual circumstances. Issues of child custody, child support, parenting plans, and the division of the marital assets and debt are settled through this process without the use of litigation. The mediator helps the parties to come to agreements about what will be fair and equitable for all parties involved and when all the pertinent issues are agreed on, the mediator draws up a Memorandum of Understanding that states in clear language what those agreements are. This document will be presented to the judge along with any other required paperwork. A Family Court judge is the only person who has the power to make any document, even those prepared by attorneys, the basis for a legally binding divorce.

With Mediation, Will I Still Have to go to Court?

Yes. The process of finalizing a divorce is a legal process and only a judge of the family court can legally dissolve a marriage. But a good mediator will write up your agreements in such a way that it is very likely to be accepted by the court so that the judge, who does not know your personal circumstances, will not need to make decisions about your life. A good mediator will make sure you have the help you need to navigate the court process with the least amount of difficulty possible. 

Divorce Mediation is the easiest and least expensive way to equitably settle a divorce. Services include 1 hour mediations sessions (as needed) and the creation of the legal agreement which meets the criteria necessary for presentation to the court without the need for costly litigation. Offices in Glastonbury and Colchester.  

Can All Divorces Be Mediated?

No. For mediation to work well, both parties must agree to mediation and be able to sit in the same room and communicate with each other civilly. Mediation is not usually an option if there are issues of spousal or child abuse, severe substance abuse, or if there are pre-marital agreements. Please feel free to call me if you have questions about whether or not your situation is suitable for mediation.